About Doctor

Dr. Gaurav Mishra
General, Laparoscopic Surgeon and Colo-Protologist.

Dr Gaurav Mishra is a skillful Laparoscopic Surgeon and Colo-proctologist in Mumbai. He is a well known and highly experienced General Laparoscopic Surgeon in Mumbai. He is a specialist in the colon, rectum, anal and stomach diseases. Dr Gaurav Mishra’s Saraswati Nursing Home in Mumbai is a well equipped with advanced medical technology to provide Laparoscopic treatments to all types of stomach diseases. Dr Gaurav Mishra has a comprehensive knowledge of colon, rectum, anal and stomach diseases. He has a good experience about laparoscopic procedures involved in the diagnosis and treatment of anal, rectum, colon and Stomach diseases.

Surgical Procedures We Provide

Laparoscopic Surgery

Open Surgery

Percentage 25%
Hospital Stay
Days 20%
Post Operative Healing
Pain And Discomfort
Percentage 25%


Laparoscopy is a surgical procedure in which the surgeon accesses the stomach from inside using a small & lighted instrument known as the laparoscope. The laparoscope is inserted through small incisions made near the abdomen area. The size of the incision is around 5-15 millimeters. Being a minimally invasive surgery it has several advantages over open surgeries.  It is a philosophy that believes that cure is possible through least trauma and this, in fact, is a patient’s right.

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